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尼崎城築城記念菓子 城菓1617 6個入 Amagasaki Castle Construction Memorial Confectionery 1617 6 pieces

尼崎城築城記念菓子 城菓1617 6個入 Amagasaki Castle Construction Memorial Confectionery 1617 6 pieces
¥ 800
⚫尼崎城築城記念菓子 城菓1617
中心の家紋は、尼崎城主 戸田家の家紋「九曜紋」となっており築城1617から因んで、城菓1617と名付けました。

⚫Amagasaki Castle Construction Memorial Confectionery 1617 6 pieces
A new snack has been begun as Amagasaki Kizuki Shiro commemoration snack.
A milk bean jam bun baking snack of the fresh butter flavor using the square style.
A square bean jam bun means the right topography of the Amagasaki castle and is a circled image in a sea.
A square brand indicates a turret with Shiro.
A central family crest was a family crest of Amagasaki lord of castle Toda family "coat of arm of nine stars" and was associated from Tsuiki 1617, and it was called shiroka 1617.
Well, oh, but please use it by all means as the previous gift.

賞味期限 15日
Expiration date: 15 days
Specific ingredients: eggs, wheat, milk

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